Part 7 variable

In this last part regarding returns its about using flexibly, what we have learned so far. The fact, that ones opponent has several options to return ones services, causes stress and is a tactical disadvantage. The service player once again plays short services all over the table and brings in a long and surprising one once in a while. On his side of the table a gymnastic ring is placed. By this the service becomes a bit more difficult, for one has to make sure not to hit the ring with the first bounce of the ball on the own side. The return player now has the task to play his returns on different positions every time but not inside the ring. He can drop short, play over the sidelines or aggressively to the baseline. All this variations have been presented in the recent issues. Every service player has a certain numbers of services. For every successful return outside of the ring the return player gets a point. For any wrong return the service player gets a point. Wrong services are counted for the return player. After a certain number of services positions are swapped.