Part 6 Aggressive!

This time we train how to respond to short services in an aggressive manner. This can happen either by a flick or an aggressive push. Base for a return, that puts pressure on your opponent, is once again the lunge with the right leg to get close to the ball and hit it at its highest point. At the flick as well as the aggressive push one has to hit the ball with slight pressure, yet slightly tangential by the use of a short movement of the wrist. In this moment one should stand stable with the weight on the right foot and neither be moving back- nor forward. For the training of aggressive returns we need some paper cups the heavier, the better. Those are positioned at different places along the baseline of the service player. He now services short and variable (and plays a long, fast service once in a while as well). The return player now tries to hit the cup off the table by pushing or flicking. For this the ball should be placed very close to the baseline (respectively the paper cup). In this exercise the cup can be hit directly as well to emphasize the necessary length of the return. The heavy cup forces the return player to put the needed pressure into the ball. This can be increased by putting more weight, for example an old rubber, into the cup.