Part 5 Returns of semi-length

The exercise to train returns of semi-length is similar than the one for services. Returns of semi-length prevent the opponent from playing another short ball and to utilize wide angles. And its hard to attack with pressure on a well played semi-long ball, for the edge of the Table is close to the point where the ball should be hit.Returns of semi-length only make sense on short or semi-long services, for long services should be attacked immediately. At this exercise we take a barrier as a tool. While the partner (not visible) stands in the backhand-corner and plays variable services, the return player has the task to play his returns, so that they either bounce for the second time close to the end-line or to fall in the gap between barrier and table. Long services, brought in once in a while, should be played with a topspin. Again the returns should be initiated with a lunge out of a proper ready position.