Part 4 Feeling for length

To get a better feeling for the length of the return we again take use of a so called contrastexercise. This means that we integrate both extreme options with one task. Here the player is supposed to play variable services of the partner first as short as possible, then as long to the baseline and as aggressive as possible. Two Butterfly catalogues are taken as targets. At the short return one has to make sure to be relaxed in the hand and the ball is simply let bounced off the racket. A short, slight kick under the ball is possible as well. The long return should be played with a hard impulse. To integrate the footwork into the exercise the service can be played long and fast once in a while. Does the return player keep his right foot under the table instead of making a lunge, latest after this he will recognize. Of course with kids a game can be made out of this. Each catalogue hit is a point. After a hit the target changes.