From Butterfly: Returns

Part 3 Wide angles!

Though you prevent the immediate attack of your opponent by short services, they still have a disadvantage. On a short ball I can play much wider angles over the outer sides as on long balls. This we can utilize at our return. Now its important to hit the ball as early as possible with a short, hard kick on the outer side. Again a little change in the grip (Forehand-grip as seen in b. or backhand-grip) can be of help. In the following exercise we position a bottle on each corner of the side of the service player. On short services we try to play diagonally, so that the ball passes between the net and the bottle after hitting the table. The service player decides about the placing, the return player aims for the far side in the first part of the exercise. If this is successfully practiced it is made more difficult. Now the return player has to let the ball pass on the same side the service goes to again between net and bottle.