Part 4 The length

To give the desired length to the service is an important parameter in the singles and even more in the doubles. The most easiest way to control the length of your service is by the first bounce

on the own part of the table. The rules are:

- the closer the first bounce is at your own baseline, the longer the service will become

- the closer the first bounce is to the net, the shorter the service will become

With this rule in our mind we begin to train. For this exercise we need a skipping-rope, which is placed over the middle of our own half of the table. Then we start placing our service as


- first only between net and rope = short service

- next only between rope and baseline = long service

- then three services short, one fast and long

This scheme is a help for returning as well, for the length of the service can be predicted when it hits the table for the first time. Yet: at a certain level this rule is limited. Good service players

will be able to place the ball close to the baseline and yet make a short service. But if the match enters a critical phase and the service has to be short for sure most of them consider this

scheme as well.