Service Returns

Part 1 footwork on short services

After we have dealt with training services extensively, the VDTT Practice Tip in the upcoming months aims for the training of returns.

Focus here are the returns of short services. Before the actual return it is crucial to come close to the ball. This is managed by a lunge, which (for right-handers) is done with the right foot. By this the side with the racket is brought close to the net to play a controlled return. It is important to finish the step completely and to stand stable before the ball is played. Hitting the ball during your way forward or even when going back costs much control.

The left leg can be brought to the front to make a step beside the table as an answer to balls placed short in the backhand.


The lunge can be trained with the help of a simple rope. This lies in a slight angle in front of the feet of the player, which is in ready position.

The partner plays short services in fore- and backhand. For every return the step with the right leg over the rope and back is emphasized. The player is asked to make a little tapping noise by the tip of the foot. At both back- and forehand-returns the right foot is used. The special step with the left foot is ignored.